Tell your Insurer, its not worth the grief!

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Picked up by Andy Greenhalgh a member of the Two-Sixties who read this article on one of the motorbike forums he belongs.

Insurers are by the nature of their existence cover risk so why would you keep something insured increasing the potential risk to you.  Easy in hindsight I guess, how many of us have done this thinking it was the best/easiest option?  If anything good is to come out of this poor persons plight its that you take heed and make sure you keep your insurances up to date.  I did it a few years ago with a car I gave to a family relative, not thinking about the elements in the article below.

Also if you are reading this short piece and are not insured, don’t be a dork! Get insurance, you are making life a bitch for anyone you damage.

Insurance warning dec12

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