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Culture shock … still in shock!

July 18, 2013


When I published my first post here on selling my ZT 260 and buying (gasp!) a diesel-engined Honda Accord Type-S to replace it, Tim asked me to update my impressions after the first year.  So how’s it gone?  Well, we’re still together, and re-reading my original blog now many of my impressions remain the same.  […]

Culture shock!

July 14, 2012


From V8 petrol to 4-cylinder diesel … From rear-wheel drive to front-wheel drive … From Britain (and North America) to Japan … This blog tells the story of how – and why – I changed from a much-loved MG ZT 260 to a Honda Accord Type-S 2.2 i-DTEC, and offers my impressions of the Accord […]

Coming home: the Longbridge tour

April 9, 2012


Introduction As many of you will have read, MG Motor UK began offering tours of their Longbridge site in mid-March this year, as part of their promotion of the latest MG6.  Although members of the Two-Sixties have been privileged to enjoy specially organized visits to Longbridge in the past, this is a new opportunity open […]

La MG ZT 260 – Intro en français

February 5, 2012


This presentation is for speakers of French, based on a text prepared for the MG Club de France website.  If you want to read about the MG ZT 260 in France, but in English, see my other blog at Introduction Tout commence à l’automne 1998, avec le lancement de la Rover 75 au Salon […]

MG and Rover’s other V8s

August 17, 2011


As we listen to the rumbling V8 of our 260s it’s easy to forget the other cars from MG and Rover which went before them and which also enjoyed some American V8 muscle under the “hood”.  In fact, the MG ZT 260 (with its Rover 75 V8 sister) is one of no fewer than seven […]

From America with Love

August 16, 2011


When MG Rover started to plan a new  performance flagship for the Z car range – the car that would become the ZT 260  – developing its own V8 engine was never really an option.  It is likely that the original Rover V8 had reached the end of its development life and could no longer […]

The Devil’s in the Detail

August 15, 2011


Why take the trouble? Part of the pleasure of owning a 260 lies in its high standard of equipment, especially in SE form: our passengers too can enjoy the many “creature comforts” our cars are furnished with.  Dig a little deeper though and it soon becomes apparent that many features and fittings which were provided […]

Deux cent soixante: the 260 in France

August 8, 2011


Inspired  by Malcolm’s recent post about the Two-Sixties down under, I thought I’d share a few thoughts about the cars here in France, where I have lived for fifteen years. The MG brand in France The MG brand has been well known among car enthusiasts in France for a long time and the  MGB in particular […]

Future-proofing the sound system in our cars

August 7, 2011


The past decade, since MG launched the ZT range, has seen huge changes in how we consume audio and video content, whether at home or on the move.  The OEM in-car entertainment (ICE) set-up in the ZT, even the HighLine system, with its in-dash cassette player and CD changer in the boot, now seems hopelessly […]

Making the most of your HighLine satnav system

August 7, 2011


In the latest issue of Enjoying MG magazine (August 2011) I described how I prepared the GPS coordinates for more than 800 XPart MG Rover dealers in Europe and added these to a range of satellite navigation systems, so that owners could navigate directly to them.  This is one of many changes I have made […]