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Over 70 V8’s storm Weybridge to witness the biggest ever MG Era Day

Crowds amass to see the modern MG’s ascend Test Hill

A growing group of MG enthusiasts held their biggest event yet at Brooklands Museum on Saturday.

The Two-Sixties, a five year-old group of  over 400 MG  ZT 260 owners, celebrated the arrival of 73 members to the annual MG event at Brooklands in Weybridge, Surrey.

Justin Tucker, one of the founding members said: “It’s fantastic, I could never have imagined that one day we would be able to get so many members to an event.”

“We’ve even had members turn up from France and Belgium!”

“This years event was superb!”

The day featured MGs of all ages from pre-war to the modern day, a selection of which were chosen to make the ascent up Test Hill, the historic track used to put old MGs through their paces.

Donna Hopton, Event manager at Brooklands Museum said: “It’s been brilliant, weather has held up and we’ve had a great time considering there are two other major MG events in the area adjacent to Brooklands Museum”.

“It’s getting bigger each year which is brilliant. It’s great that everybody turns up and supports the event and the museum, which is really important, obviously to keep the museum going. There’s been a fantastic turnout from the Two-Sixties which has been wonderful.”

She thanked all who helped add to the “fantastic atmosphere”.

The day culminated with the MG cavalcade and the Two-Sixties award ceremony where prizes were given to those with the best cars as voted for by the members.

Mr Tucker put the success of the day down to the ‘the weather, better input from the organisers and the general community spirit.’

He was impressed with the individuality of the cars, with each owner implementing their own styles and modifications; some supercharged models producing around 410bhp from the 4.6 litre Ford Mustang engine.

“The uniqueness of the car means we can own a bit of history and a future classic car.”

Guy Napthine, avid member of the Two-Sixties said: “The status within the MG community of the V8 is one of the ultimate family car. Some refer to a true MG as a car which has been modified to be a true sporting car in the spirit of MG.”

“Although some of the owners of the older MGs give us looks every now and then they are slowly starting to see that we share the passion for our cars as they do theirs.”

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