Upgrading the entertainment systems in both the MG ZT and Rover 75

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Due to a couple of problems with the car entertainment systems in both my cars I decided to spend some money on updating them. I have a 2002 Rover 75 V6 estate and a 2004 MG ZT V8 saloon. Both have what’s called the Highline system. TV, satnav, 6 stack CD unit and radio/tape. On the 75 the cd stack unit started to play up and on the MG the screen suffered a couple of dead pixels. Both cars had a previous upgrade to the BMW 7” screen, and ancillaries to allow wide screen and updated satnav a few years ago. This upgrade I did myself as it was only replacing the original kit with no wiring other than an adapter in the 75 to take different shaped pins.


My need was not massive so did not want the TV facility as never used it and tape use has gone now, but did need good satnav, radio, music storage, DVD, reversing camera and hands free phone option. Plus to be up to date, internet, USB connectivity and ability to update the software.

My need was:

  • System needed to be up-gradable
  • Have the requirements listed above
  • Continued use of the steering wheel controls
  • Installation by an auto electrician
  • Work done at my address as moving two cars to an install location would be a pain

Sean Moore and Jeff Cranwell came to my assistance. Both have a vast knowledge base of the cars involved so allowed me to think about nothing other than helping Jeff take trim off and watch. For the new systems I was not confident I could achieve the results needed to make sure the systems would work as they should, so needed to find someone who knew what to do from an installation point of view. Jeff from Clacton Electronics in Essex came to the rescue.

On the car enthusiast forums Sean is known as Radioguy and Jeff is known as Coolcat if you need to make contact. Both were able to advise on what needed to go in to the retrofit.


I have gone for the Navall 3 Premium Android 4.4 head units as all the technology I use for personal and business use is Android based so connecting to diaries, contacts etc is essential. Also plugged in a couple of 32GB class 10 SD cards for the music and video files. Plus as mentioned, the knowledge base on these units and the cars the kit was going into was an important factor for me.


Jeff gave one of his Sundays to come round and install the units, normally it takes a day per car but with some pre-work by both of us we did both cars in one day and I put the cars back together the next day taking a day off work. Weather was also good luckily which meant Jeff did not get wet.

The old head units came out with the use of my handy trim tools and considered force, however I do remember them going in easier than getting them out. This saved time along with taking the boot liners out, the tailgate assemble off and hinge covers on the estate. On the Sunday Jeff brought all the kit and cabling to install and I supplied drink and any minion help in keeping the install time down. The 75 was the first as it lives on the drive and with the outside chance of rain made sense. Unit in first with the wiring next, I put in a couple of rubber grommets to reduce any issues with chaffing on the tailgate. Some soldering and a hole for the camera cables and finished. Some additional work as the connections needed next to the head unit were not there and job done. Took around two and a bit hours plus talking about the forums and cars.

Next was the MG ZT which took roughly the same time but did have the connections which allowed for less wiring work but took slightly longer as I did struggle with Jeff having to drill a hole in the boot lid for the camera. I’m still not sure on the position of the rear camera over one of the rear reg plate light but will ponder one how to deal with it. May swap the original bulb with an LED.

The overall install was easy from my point of view as the decision to have someone knowledgeable do it took all the pain out of the install. Jeff has installed hundreds of the units over the last few years so just got on with it.

End result

The completion of the work and reinstatement of the trim all done, the install of the microSD cards and setting up of the functions has proved the cost and effort has been worth every penny. It was not normal for Jeff to deal with two cars at once and took some planning on both parts but the end result is very good. I would recommend both Jeff and Sean to anybody wanting to up grade their car entertainment systems.

I was thinking of moving the 75 on and looking for an XF but now have two cars which will continue to give me a good few more years of service.




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