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Culture shock!

July 14, 2012


From V8 petrol to 4-cylinder diesel … From rear-wheel drive to front-wheel drive … From Britain (and North America) to Japan … This blog tells the story of how – and why – I changed from a much-loved MG ZT 260 to a Honda Accord Type-S 2.2 i-DTEC, and offers my impressions of the Accord […]

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We all knew this time would come

July 10, 2012


Posted on behalf of Carl Dowling – part of the managing team at 75 & ZT Enthusiasts. MG Rover has now been gone for more than seven years. The cars live on but the numbers are starting to drop. What started as a trickle of cars making their way to the breakers yard is now […]

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Next Stage To Being a Classic

April 29, 2012


Rover 75 and MG ZT – The Next Stage to being a ‘Classic’ Over the course of a few years I’ve been monitoring the second hand parts market and have noticed the increased volume of parts with the corresponding reducing price. I’m referring to parts for the whole Rover 75/ZT production, not just the V8 […]

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Coming home: the Longbridge tour

April 9, 2012


Introduction As many of you will have read, MG Motor UK began offering tours of their Longbridge site in mid-March this year, as part of their promotion of the latest MG6.  Although members of the Two-Sixties have been privileged to enjoy specially organized visits to Longbridge in the past, this is a new opportunity open […]

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