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If you have been to Brooklands in Surrey, the old racing circuit where many a thrilling race has occurred, you will know that it’s a lovely venue to show off  cars and visit the museum packed full of historical vehicles, planes and such.

The Two-Sixties had its annual official get together last week where 73 cars turned up, all shiny and smart.

“73” I hear you say, “that’s not that many.”  Well there were only 883 built and a good few were crushed when MG Rover went into administration. Out of the 883 cars I would suggest 100 have disappeared through the collapse of Rover and normal day-to-day life. As a result there are most probably around 770 cars split between Rover 75 V8’s and MG ZT V8’s.

So at our event we had 10% of the total production of V8’s, not too many clubs can achieve that sort of turnout. People from all over the country and even Europe made the journey to Brooklands for a chat and all things about the running and maintenance of the unique V8.

A few of the cars went up Test Hill which gave the perfect opportunity to show off the V8’s and their deep, menacing growl as they powered up the hill. A couple of the older classics needed a push but all made it and the event was well organised with cars making the climb every couple of seconds.

A 260 making its way to Test Hill

Near the end of the day prizes were given for best in show, not only for presentation but for effort and up keep.  Coincidently both winner and runner-up had super chargers installed which produce around 400 bhp.

The Two-Sixties has an active shop selling parts developed to improve the reliability of the cars, along with branded clothing, badges and the like. The income helps to run the group along with support from the MGOC.

If you want to come and see us we will be at the ZedTen event at Duxford on the 24th July 11. Celebrating 10 years of the MG ZT, ZS and ZR. We are hoping to have the MG ZT XPower 500 on our stand.

For more information on the Two-Sixties you can visit or for details about Brooklands Museum you can go to

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